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Control Your Own Empire (CYOE)

Five: Milkyway Edition Handbook


Welcome one and all to CYOE! You may be asking what all this is, well simply put it is the next step up from CYOF. In CYOF you controlled a single faction of a much larger whole, here you control an entire Empire, its fleets, its people its corporations you name it. So come on in and get ready for a game of epic fleet battles, political intrigue, and galaxy shaping decisions.

Building Your Empire

To play in CYOE you will of course need an Empire to control, this can be anything from a lost fleet of star ships looking for a home, to an ancient and powerful theocratic empire that believes it is the will of their gods to control the stars belong to them.

Many billions of years ago, at the dawn of existence as we know it, a singularity expanded and finally detonated in an event we know as the “Big Bang”. During the course of the formation of the galaxy that would later be come to known as the Milkyway, pathways that defy explanation formed, being dubbed “Jump Nodes”, a type of wormhole connecting one portion of space to another.

Ever since then, there have been recurring “Node Storms”, where a succession of new “Jump Nodes” open and collapse, causing havoc around them as they bend and destroy materia. During the course of these “Node Storms”, many space faring empires became caught or separated, some ending up in completely alien locales, others surfacing as something other than what they were before.

At the heart of the galaxy, and the suspected cause for “Jump Nodes” is the Galactic Heart, a supermassive black hole that still to this day possesses a particle jet. At the very core of this black hole lies an ageless gate that leads to the most undeniably dangerous cosmic phenomena in existence: the Maelstrom. There, twisted remnants of past empires reside, looking for a way out and waiting until the Maelstrom finally calms...

Plenty of other aliens have found their way to the Milkyway as well: some ancient, some new, others native and others from different dimensions.

The space of the Milkyway and within the Galactic Heart is the setting of the game, and just about anything goes. Let your imagination run wild, and think about what kind of people, or robots, or strange aliens you want to play. The galaxy is vast, both gentle and now you must proceed to create your own empire, and forge a legacy that will stand the test of time.