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The colony ship Pariah lived up to its name after the Node Storms had diminished. It was thrown into a star system along with at least three other ships, and while those were mostly undamaged the Pariah was crippled almost immediately. Exactly what caused this is unknown, though theories range from a meteor shower to one of the other ships ramming its engines. Whatever the cause, the colony ship was abandoned by the others and was left to drift, running short on supplies.

The star system the Pariah and the others had found themselves in had a class-0 planet, one that was primarily covered in jungle; seismic scans would later reveal the crust was heavily honeycombed with lava tunnels and vast caverns. After several weeks of frantic repairs, the Pariah’s crew were able to manoeuvre her into orbit around the planet and made planetfall. Problems soon arose when the inhabitants from the other ships were contacted; they had set up their own colonies, too, and were less than enthusiastic about sharing their own resources.

Due to a mix of luck and determination, the Pariians (as the group began to call themselves) managed to survive. After a century or so, the Pariians had begun to splinter and fight amongst themselves; several of the smaller sub-groups had tried to ally themselves with the other colonies but were rejected, and a widespread religious movement began to take over. This was also felt in the other colonies, but to a much smaller degree. At one point, one of the religion’s priests entered the planet’s subterranean catacombs and re-emerged a day later, but he was now a far different person.

Historical records from this point are sketchy, but it appears that under the priest’s leadership the Pariian splinter groups stopped fighting and, gradually, united together once again. Over the following decades, the Pariians managed to persuade the other colonies into joining them, though the exact way this was done is unknown. Within sixty years, the colonies were united together, and then began to grow. The religion also underwent a radical change, shifting to a focus of passive worship of the planet itself. The planet was eventually named after the Pariah’s hulk burned through the atmosphere.

Over the centuries, the Pariians have continued to grow and thrive. They have been building and preparing for a long time now for one goal: to reach the stars...


At this stage, little is known about the Pariian social structure, econmy, or their culture. Judging from their transmissions and from any ghosts - ancient radio messages that originated from their homeworld hundreds of years ago - it seems that they are led by people called "Vessels", who act as the ultimate authority. There are at least six vessels currently living; one is in charge of Pariah's Fall, four reside on each of its moons, and one is the commander of their spacefleet. Whether or not even more Vessels will be made in the time of war remains to be seen.

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