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The exact origins of the empires remain a mystery, lost to damaged data recordings and the mists of time.

Many stories, myths, legends and religious creation stories have sprung up to fill the gap, and in all of these, no matter how the specifics differ, there is always an underlying tale.

It begins in a far off star system, where all the peoples were one, venturing boldly out into their system, colonizing their worlds, but finding only empty space beyond the border of their last planet. Space would not yield to them and so they were trapped without FTL. Slowly their system filled up until it was bursting with people and tensions began to rise, even construction of vast colony ships to take the long slow path through space to other stars did nothing to quell the unrest.

But the universe, it seemed, had different ideas. Before the ships could be finish an enormous Node Storm hit the home system, opening hundreds of jump nodes, leading to all corners of the universe and so the people rushed through. Shuttles, private transports, military vessels, and even the massive almost complete colony ships burst through before the storm dissipated.

And so groups of people found themselves cut off from their home system, lost alone in the depths of space, here the empires were founded, much was forgotten, much more learned now we begin to reach towards the stars once more, finding semi-stable jump nodes at the edges of our systems, what does the universe hold for us now? And what of other beings that might be out there, who may also be turning thier attentions to us once more, what might they do when they see us spread across the galaxy?

Choose Your Own Empire

Welcome one and all to CYOE! You may be asking what all this is, well simply put it is the next step up from CYOF. In CYOF you controlled a single faction of a much larger whole, here you control an entire Empire, its fleets, its people its corporations you name it. So come on in and get ready for a game of epic fleet battles, political intrigue, and galaxy shaping decisions.

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