The Soulless

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Played by Shard in Unused

The Nameless Menace
There is a galaxy that knows only darkness.

Several million light-years away, around a star humanity will never know existed, the creatures that would come to be known as the Soulless evolved. No one knows what they look like, what their language is, how they evolved. Nobody even knows if they are natural, or if they even exist as we might understand it.

All that the other life of that galaxy knows, is that when the world grows dark, doom has come.

They never speak. Their titanic Harvester vessels, larger than a country, make their slow way between systems, and when they leave, nothing is the same. Fleets, stations, entire worlds, are left a twisted, broken, mutilated parody of life and sanity. The Soulless take anything living, and Harvest it - leaving it a tormented, destroyed wreck that acts on pure, random instinct.

Nobody knows why they do it. Some claim that they have no souls, and must steal those of other lifeforms to be complete; this tale is what led to their name.

If these monsters were to come to our galaxy, doom would be sure to follow - but fortunately for all concerned, they have not.

During the first throes of space and time that formed the current nodestorm, one chain of energy linked to the Soulless' home galaxy - and brought one of their Harvesters through a wild ride, tearing it apart and hurling it into the surface of a planet, crippling it forever.

But Soulless are hard to kill.

In a matter of days, parts of the Harvester had been carved off and reforged into smaller ships, to scout and explore the new territory they found themselves in. Cut off from their fellows and without their mighty warship, the Soulless were weakened... forced to fall back on things they had almost forgotten... but they are here, and there are worlds to be harvested...