Archangel (Creationist Defence Base)

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CoC MDB Archangel.jpg
Archangel class station (Medium Defence Base)
Used by Church of Creation in CYOE2

Only a medium sized platform, the Archangel is none the less a dangerous opponent. The station is built around a pair of Meson Projection Arrays, which differ from the normal Projectors that the ships of the Church utilize. The arrays can vary their power, their beam strength, and use this to a rather distinct advantage. Only able to engage two targets at a time, the ample power supply none-the-less allows the station to generally eliminate its target in a single hit. Lighter beams can snap out almost fast enough to be a single beam, while higher-power ones require a charging time. The array is also vastly more accurate than a projectors magnetic field aiming, but the whole system is too complex and big to be fitted into a ship. Hence why it is found on, and only on, the Archangel.