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Played by Dawley in CYOE3


As with many of the ships dispersed in The Scattering, the heavy warship USOF Ares was thrown into a far-off corner of the galaxy. Unlike many, it survived the ordeal fairly unscathed, but its commanders faced the dilemma of being unable to return home: what would its 5,000 crew and officers do? How would they survive?

The answer came in the form of a partially constructed, entirely deserted colony ship, found a week after the Node storms. Scavenging what could be taken from derelict, the Ares began to explore the system it had been flung into. Fortunately, a habitable planet resided within the system, and the crew were able to begin a colony on its surface.

Over the next few centuries, the crew of the Ares began to thrive. The initial colony was expanded, first becoming a permanent town and then a full fledged city. The planet the crew had found was gradually explored and colonised, spawning numerous cities and industrial centres. As the people began to expand back into space, making use of their technological relics, the Aresian Empire was born..

The Aresians

The inhabitants of the Empire are descended from ancient humans, and so they appear completely identical to their ancestors. The majority of Aresians are tall, athletic, and tanned, as a result of living on their homeworld.

As a people, the Aresians are quite militaristic and have a somewhat absurdly casual attitude to violence. Since the initial landings on Ares, the leadership has evolved into a hereditary monarchy, with a senate to assist the Emperor in governing the empire. The current reigning monarch is Emperor Hastat II, who is due to be succeeded by his son Duk Aran Televoth.

A further result of the Aresian ancestry is their focus on warfare and fighting; they revel in the fury of combat, and are completely fearless regardless of the strengths of the enemy or their own forces. It is an unfortunate individual indeed who comes face-to-face with an Aresian soldier in the height of battle...