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Played by Bonzai in CYOE3
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The Azaz (Ah-zah-z) was once a titan of a cargo vessel, boasting the largest tanks and space to haul goods from system to system for a Human empire long sense lost from memory. It was home to four joint clans that ruled over certain trade routes and products that gave them enough power to rival that of the other six. The four clans' heads, the trade lords, were the ones to fund and ally in the joint venture of the Azaz, something that was said to push past the point of profit. They put so much time effort and faith that on it's maiden voyage, packed to the brim with crew and cargo, they brought themselves and most of their families along for the voyage. They were escorted by a fairly large contingent seeing as hundreds of threats, both public and private had been made against them.

They were lucky enough to be fully stocked when the node storm pulled them in. Upon their arrival on the other side things were quickly brought to order, trying to tally the damage. The Azaz herself was mostly unharmed but either more than half the contingent had not been brought through or had been lost somewhere along the way. Contact with anyone was attempted but nothing came back. It seemed they were alone in this strange new void. Seeing that order needed to be maintained it was quickly decided to make the best of their situations. New systems meant new customers and possibly even new things to find. The only planet they found that was habitable was a dust bowl however and decided it best, for control of the population and supplies that the Azaz and what was left of the contingent remain their home.

All Azahvians are traders and craftsmen by nature, all things can and will be bargained, traded and sold. They pride themselves on their quality however and products are not judged just on the thing it self but how it was made and who made it. Slavery is a tradition, given as a choice for those who cannot pay their debts. Slavery its self however isn't a punishment, nor is it a death sentence. Most slaves live well, dressed, fed and living in adequate conditions. Those of higher status, slavers, merchants, craftsmen, even members of the Trade Lords houses are judged more by the state of their property then their own adornments.

The Trade Lords still exist and act as a council, making sure that no one person gains to much power. One such event did happen and lead to the division of one of the houses, the Council now consists of five Lords. In only a few situations will a single leader be appointed. In times of war the council will choose one of it's own to become the High Lord, responsible for all final choices in times of need. After the conflict has passed the High Lord not only steps down from his post but he essentially retires completely, passing on his lordship to his successor.

War and physical conflict has a stigma all its own. It's looked down upon highly, while good for a show and even arms dealing it's not what the Azahvi think of as dignified to say the least. They're happy to let their neighbors go about their business as they like but they will refuse to the last to get involved directly and will not have them go about it in Azahvi space. For the most part they will trade with anyone and are non aggressive to say the least but most of their trade comes in base production capabilities and less in actual hardware or ships.