Blazer Corp.

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Ship Selector
Strike Craft
Capital Ships
Blockade Runner
Troop Transport
Dedicated Carrier
Spinal Mount
Sensor Disruption Picket
Ultraheavy Capital
Non-Combat Ships
Mobile Production Base
Mobile Research Ship
Survey Ship
Transport Ship
Colony Ship
Generation Ship
Civilisation Ship
Empire Information
Played by Skyblazer in CYOE3

Production Focus

Gardens of Kadesh

Many empires are all about ruling and owning this and that but here at Blazer Corp. we like to build, own, sell, and buy just about anything. We have factories, shipyards and bases all over the galaxy just waiting to pick up your order and get building on that fleet you've always wanted.

Our Corporation has a reputation for being one of the best ship manufacturers in the galaxy and love to build things. We pride ourselves on having some of the largest shipyards around that are churning out all sorts of ships of many different grades. Some of our clients just need cheap quickly built patrol ships in a hurry others need high grade destroyers that'll stand toe to toe against anyone.

We've never really been to picky about the locations where we operate and can set-up our factories just about anywhere. This means our employees tend to live out among the stars taking in some of the most amazing sights the galaxy has to offer.

So come on down to Blazer Corporations and take a look around we love to do business with you or if your looking for work there's plenty of that here at Blazer Corps.

So have a wonderful day and remember buy Blazer Corp.