Deadman's Reef

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At the far end of the March, accessible only through a narrow and difficult to navigate route, lies the system known as Deadman's Reef. A strange spatial anomaly, the reef surrounds an ancient green star that emits a highly unusual radiation spectrum. Ships entering the reef encounter inexplicable failures in their engines, leaving them adrift in space. The larger the ship, the sooner they become immobilised upon entering, and so are reliant on smaller ships reaching them and towing them to safety before they drift too deep.

Because of its inherent nature, the Buccaneers operate only on the edge of the system, with the anomaly clearly marked out by marker buoys and beacons. Those few who have ventured to this remote region and lived to tell the tale speak of a vast starship caught upon the reef, ancient beyond telling and on the scale of the Imperial flagships themselves. But the Buccaneers have no flagships, and surely something so large could not have escaped the gaze of the Emperor, no matter how far inside the March it lies.