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Glacia, the ice world and sole (semi-) inhabitable planet in the Glacia system, is a barren wasteland that is somehow home to life – not only life, but a thriving civilization. The Glacians, a race of pale-blue skinned bipeds, has flourished on Glacia for as long as their histories can recall.

The Glacians dwell almost entirely underground, beneath the glaciers and sheets of ice that cover the surface of the world. Over centuries, they have dug a network of tunnels, chambers, and passageways deep under the planet, where they dwell, trade, and work. They are highly productive, with militaristic tendencies, and are also devout in regards to their religion.

They have access to terrifyingly effective technology, though how they originally came across it remains unknown. It seems likely that the advent of this technology was what allowed them to build their civilization to such a magnitude, but the details on the inner workings of the technology remain mysterious and unknown to nearly everyone in Glacian society.


Military, Religion, Enforcement, and Production are the pillars of life in the Syndicate. A strong caste-like system has grown over time in the society to support the advancement of all four of these areas.

At the heart of the system are the “Ikaii”, the large caste of free laborers. These workers complete menial, unschooled tasks, but are paid for their work and are free to pursue any options open to them.

Chief among these possibilities are the Three Pillars. The Pillars each represent devotion to a specific aspect of life, namely Religion, Enforcement, and Production. Each Pillar is led by a Seat, which oversees the function of the Pillar. Pillars are huge entities, largely autonomous and possessing their own branch of the military. The three Pillars are constantly vying for power between one another. While any among the Ikaii under a certain age can test for fitness to join their preferred Pillar in general service, the Pillars only select recruits for their military arms from birth. A test is conducted that determines the potential worth of the offspring, and the most worthy are taken and raised for military service in one of the branches. Thus a loose balance of power is maintained, as general members of the Pillars are gained by choice, while military members by chance and genetic

The Pillars

The Vicars – Religion: The Vicars embody the religion of the Glacians. This religion, called The Frozen Path, is largely about the collective journey of the entire society from the darkness of the early struggle to conquer their deadly frozen world to a new, brighter future. The Path establishes the Three Pillars as the keys to success, and firmly rejects any notion of technological advancement beyond what is possible with the existing technology. The Vicar priests, especially the upper level ones, are highly regarded in Glacian society, and traditionally have held dominance over the other two Pillars.

The military arm of the Vicars is the Paladins, holy warriors who wear intricate armor made of hardened ice sealed with alloys. The Paladins are excellent in close quarters and melee fighting, and are usually the largest, physically, of the entire Glacian people. Trained from birth, they are without equal in their style of combat, and obey the Vicars and the Path without question.

The Justicars – Enforcement: The Justicars are the enforcers of Glacian society. They serve as justices, police, and even diplomats. Their task is to keep the peace within the society, and so they are given a wide range of powers to interpret the law, hunt those who break the law, and deal out justice to those found guilty. Of all the Pillars, the Justicars are most closely tied to the Conclave, the overseeing body of leadership. The Conclave maintains some oversight over the actions of the Justicars, but in return the Justicars are favored and allowed to often serve as the direct enforcers of the Conclave. These arrangements place the Justicars in a unique position, in that they enjoy favor but frequently remain fewer in number than the other two Pillars.

The military arm of the Justicars is the Silent. The Silent are consummate shadow warriors, best at stalking enemies from the shadows and dispatching them with swift, sure ease. Most frequently employed as assassins and spies, the Silent have earned a fearsome reputation among almost everyone on Glacia.

The Magnates – Production: The Magnates are responsible for production and growth in Glacian society. Nearly all the Magnates are businessmen who employ the vast majority of the Ikaii in efforts to expand the Glacians further underground, and more recently, into space. The Magnates are loosely organized, and their focus on gaining personal wealth has long left them a distant third in power and influence in the Conclave. However, the recent growth of the Syndicate into space has drawn the Magnates together, in an effort to hold much of the valuable technology making this possible to themselves. The Magnates’ superior knowledge of the ancient technology was previously not a concern to the other two Pillars, however its use in space has given them a much stronger position to bargain.

The military arm of the Magnates is the Avid, who are warriors who seek to use the technology available to them to its maximum potential. They are masters with ranged weapons and vehicles, and have quickly begun to master the new space-going strike craft as well.

The Eternal Conclave

The Conclave is considered the highest governing body on Glacia, and technically maintains direct oversight over the actions of all three Pillars. This power is technical due to the decades of precedent which allow the Pillars to maintain their day to day activities with little to no oversight from the Conclave. Still, there are many cases where the Conclave must resolve disputes between Pillars or reign in the ambition of one Pillar over another. Conclave members are elected from the highest ranks of all three Pillars, nominated from within each Pillar itself. Candidates must be chosen for their personal merits alone, and are frequently carry the favor of the masses. They must be approved by both a majority of all sitting Conclave members as well as the current High Seat. The number of members each Pillar has on the Council frequently has little correlation with their relative power.

The High Seat

Chairman of the Conclave and the voice that represents the entire Glaciatus Syndicate, the High Seat is the pinnacle of government. He presides over the Conclave, and maintains some veto power over the actions of that body. He is the chief of all branches of the military, and the only one who can overrule the military commands given by the Seats of each Pillar to their soldiers. The High Seat is selected from among the highest-ranking members of the Conclave, in a complex struggle that is not known to those outside the Conclave. Unlike the membership of the Conclave, the High Seat typically does come from the Pillar with the most overall power, and the High Seat has been of the Vicars almost constantly from the beginning.


“In the Lost Times, Jerai the Maker, Highest God, created the Lost. They were a majestic people, who pleased the Maker greatly with their ingenuity, grace, and power. Jerai respected them, and gave them many great Gifts. These Gifts were wondrous and powerful, but came with a warning.

‘Use these Gifts as intended, and do not seek to create false Gifts after your own design. Obey thus, and I shall be pleased with you.’

The Lost heeded the Maker’s warning for a long time, and they flourished upon their garden world and even came to command the sky and stars.

Yet once they had used the Gifts to expand as far as they were able, the Lost schemed to gain more power than Jerai and the Gods intended them to possess. Darkness took their minds and they began to create their own false Gifts.

Jerai the Maker saw this, and cast upon the Lost his vengeance. The Lost were destroyed utterly, and their world, once a garden of lush plants and water became a frozen wasteland.

The Maker tried once more, and created the Glacians. He gave them the now-frozen world of Glacia, and permitted them to find and use the Gifts of the Lost. Before he withdrew once more to observe the world from afar, he left the same dire warning to the Glacians. Fearful of his vengeance, the Glacians swore to never attempt to create their own Gifts.”

From the Tome of the Way, Book 1

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