Horde of Tanaab

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Played by Stryker in CYOE3
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The Horde of Tanaab comprises the peoples of the last warring faction of the Tanaab Empire.

The Tanaab Empire, long lost to distance and time was long the major seat of power for an area of space known as Tides. Governed by a collection of representatives of all the peoples in the empire, all were subject to a genetically engineered virus that vastly reduced their lifespans upon entry. The unusual system attempted to ensure that individual agendas and greed were weeded out right from the start. When politics is a job for life and your death sentence, few were willing to go through to pursue their own ends. The general populus remained fairly content and cynical, happy in the knowledge that those in power really weren't going to be around for long.

Although a grand interstellar empire, it's size and diversity occasionally led to tensions and conflict. The last such conflict, the Faction Wars turned from a small scale uprising of malcontents to the collapse of the empire as a whole. Seeing ways of finally getting around the political system with the opportunity presented by the uprising, many groups rose up to assist the small terrorist group behind the initial fighting. The empire now plagued by war started crumbling. Star systems furthest from the capitol started to break away as revolts flared up. Greed became the new order of the day for some. Others banded together to protect what the had. Yet more to eke out a new existence of some kind. One group, the Tanaab Warriors started off like these. Initially protecting their local area, they later expanded to form a space flotilla, joining in the skirmishes around the capitol. Through an unusual approach to battle they eventually earned the nickname 'Khan's Horde' from some other factions.

To most of the Horde now, this is ancient history. Tanaab long gone, they keep the name purely out of respect for the planet, the empire that resulted in their creation. Now they exist by moving around, hoping someday to find a new part of the galaxy to truly call home.