Iridia Prime

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The Iridian homeworld, Iridia Prime, is a large, warm world in orbit around a hot white star. Being somewhat warmer than Earth, much of the surface enjoys year-round tropical heat.

The equatorial belt is dominated by a continent sized coral reef: a vast expanse of warm, shallow water where aquatic life flourishes. It was amongst the islands and archipelagoes of this region that the Iridians evolved.

Civilisation advanced slowly, taking millenia to develop what mankind did in centuries. Short lifespans, many natural predators and a shortage of natural resources made scientific pursuits that few could afford to spend time on.

The cradle reefs were destroyed during a nuclear exchange that devestated half the planet. The survivors were plunged into a changing world as global temperatures plummeted and the ocean ecology they depended on for food struggled to cope with the sudden mass extinctions.

The generation ships were built by a civilisation who thought their world was dying. Each carried tens of thousands, the lucky few who left billions behind. Even as the ships departed, the struggle for places on them turned violent, as poorer nations attacked the launch sites.

Of the nine ships that were constructed, seven eventually left the system. The eighth was crippled by a nuclear attack as it began its voyage, eventually settling into orbit around the systems outermost planet. The ninth was never crewed and its fate, like that of Iridia itself, remains unknown.

Civilisation Ships
1 Lomas Camerara Launched Active
2 Alba Noradium Launched Mission Failed
3 Unknown Launched Unknown
4 Ilum Tenabra Launched Active
5 Unknown Launched Unknown
6 Unknown Launched Unknown
7 Unknown Launched Unknown
8 Unknown Launch Failed Crippled
9 Unknown Awaiting Launch Unknown