Kornate Armada

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Civilisation Ship
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Played by Stevefin in CYOE3

Kornate is a wondering, massive fleet of ships or packs of smaller ships. Almost completely space bound if it was not for a few supplies needed by planets. No one is quiet sure where exactly they came from or how long they have been afloat in space. But they are a force to be warned if you happen to get on their bad side.

Most of the time they mind there own business and care very little for the other races and empires. But there have been a few exceptions pop up where they drove away or annihilated empires to get what that wanted.

Recently however, The fleet has been shrinking. Something is going on in the fleet and no one is sure what it is out side of it. Many think that the ships they built to last are finally cumbering down cause of there multi-purpose of military and civilian ships. One thing is certain, an arms race has exploded among them as they rebuild the dying fleet.