Nashiran Environmental Protection Suit

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Designed by the scientists of the Nashira Research Station in response to a request from the Corona Deep Space Observatory, the NEPS is the first space suit of any kind used by the Forgotten. Intended originally to allow them to enter the aquatic environment of the Aquarian Unity's ships, the lack of clear information on its required tolerances led to it being able to handle a vacuum, as well as extreme temperature variations. The NEPS has a built in air supply that will last six hours under normal usage, and can recharge itself while in an oxygenated environment, including the ability to filter air from water - thus giving it an unlimited duration in aquatic environments.

The suit has special manoeuvring jets that can use either a gas propellant stored in the suit, oxygen off its reserve supply or water from the surrounding environment to move reasonably quickly and precisely. It also includes magnetic boots, which also have the option for mechanical traction by extending thousands of tiny spikes from the soles in order to grip non-magnetic surfaces. The armoured outer skin of the suit is rated against general collisions that might be encountered in space, but not against weapons fire. The mirrored gold shield on the visor protects the wearer against exposure to bright light, such as sunlight in space, but can be opened in darker environments to make the face visible.

The visor incorporates a heads up display projection, allowing the wearer to monitor the suits status and the environmental conditions outside. This is linked in to a language interpretation matrix that translates the HUD into whatever programmed language the user desires. The initial suits for the Forgotten were programmed with Forgotten symbol-code - the same system used on Heavenships to feed information back to illiterate crew, pre-fall script, Nashiran script and Holy Imperial script. For those with more technical knowledge, the suit can be instructed to translate written text visible to its helmet mounted cameras. It can translate between any languages stored in its matrix, and projects the result onto the HUD.

One of the features not revealed to the Forgotten is the in-built mission recorder that constantly records the suit's status, the environmental conditions, all inbound and outbound communications, the HUD display and the video stream from the helmet cameras. It is switched off by default on the Forgotten's suits, but when switched on it can also feed this information back to a remote monitoring system. The same data transceiver system can also be used to send information to the suit, for display on the HUD or replay through either the internal or external speakers.