Nio Varadium

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Iridian CL3.jpg
Nio Varadium class CL3
Used by Iridians in CYOE3

Ship Selector
Strike Craft
Capital Ships
Nio Solana
Nio Hasai
Nio Varadium
Nio Carbarundum
Nio Malefae
Blockade Runner
Troop Transport
Dedicated Carrier
Spinal Mount
Sensor Disruption Picket
Ultraheavy Capital
Non-Combat Ships
Menio Siamana
Tali Neema
Ales Oranao
Aos Elemeni
Colony Ship
Generation Ship
Ilum Tenabra

The sleek design of the Nio Varadium is as old as the Ilum Tenabra, being an original Iridian design. Its equipment has been altered and upgraded throughout the years, but it remains the mainstay of Iridian defence fleets - usually being the first class of capital ship constructed when a colony is founded. While the Ilum Tenabra is at rest, it is fleets of Nio Varadium's that secure the space around it.