Perseus (UCC Interceptor)

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UCF-7 Perseus Mk 3 class Interceptor
Used by Unified Colonial Confederacy in CYOE5

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The original Mk 1 Perseus was one of the first modern strikecraft developed by the Confederacy, though it was limited to atmospheric flight only the Mk 1 proved incredibly popular and many today still serve as backline defences or in the hands of civilian defence contractors. The Mk 2 was another first, the first strikecraft to utilise a fusion power core, this allowed the replacement of the older atmospheric engines with the new fusion variety (As well as replace the intakes with internal missile storage doubling its firepower). However the Mk 2 never proved as popular, for while it could achieve escape velocity it could not re-enter atmospheres of its own volition, as it was not sturdy enough and tended to loose the external mountings for the weapon systems. The design was revisited one more time to produce the Mk 3, which while it reduced the amount of firepower the fighter can put out, it added next generation electronic, guidance and engine systems, resulting in one of the fastest and deadly fighters in Confederate space, one of the few capable of chasing targets from ground to orbit and back down again, the Mk 3 is proving just as popular as the Mk 1, especially among pilots, though there is some complaints about the reduction to just four gun-mounts and a reduced missile storage space.