Preachers of Ar'mel

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Played by Homouls Lect in CYOE3

Production FocusColonisation Initiative

Research Reduction

The Preachers of Ar'mel are a ramble of growing religious zealots. Known for the mass assaults on anything that is heretical to their teachings. The preachers of Ar'mel are now on a galactic. Some seek to burn and conquer others choose a lighter path of peace and prosperity and to guide those.

But through their teachings their capabilities on technological advancements have faltered. Rather then trusting their tech they believe solely on their teachings that with faith and strength through numbers, anything can be achieved. Though mostly human, some believe the inner circle to be of a alien/s race. The humans may merely be puppeted to greater extremes for the philosophy of the Ar'mel way, while the inner circle watch and prosper.

No more shall they be kept in the dark, while the empire battles and grows. Now the time for Ar'mel ways to be brought to the light for all to receive....willing or not.