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Forgotten CL2.jpg
Salvation class CL2
Used by The Forgotten in CYOE2

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Strike Craft
Capital Ships
Blockade Runner
Troop Transport
Sensor Disruption Picket
Ultraheavy Capital
Non-Combat Ships
Mobile Research Ship
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Colony Ship
Generation Ship
Civilisation Ship

Designed with much influence from the Wardens, the Salvation is intended to lead the search for the Elder Gods. It is larger and better equipped than its predecessor, the Redemption, but still suffers from the relative inexperience of the Forgotten’s ship designers. All Salvation class heavenships are constructed by the Architect. The main armament of the Salvation is a forward firing mass driver mounted to one side of the aft hull. As there is no information on what threats will be encountered, this mass driver is capable of firing a number of different projectiles, ranging from solid metal slugs to antimatter pellets. There is some concern over the stability of the anti-matter storage while in combat, but the Wardens have dismissed these as over-cautiousness. Backing up the main gun is a pair of tri-linked heavy lasers, mounted on dorsal turrets. As with the Redemptions weapons, these can fire each of their three beams in a cycle to project a constant stream of fire against strike craft, or together to project a more powerful beam against capital ships. Eight twin-linked laser turrets complete the armament, with three dorsal and ventral on the aft hull and one either side of the forward superstructure. The Salvation carries four Angels and a squadron of Cherubim in its internal hangar. Due to hangars being in the forward superstructure while the cargo bays are in the aft hull, the cargo bays cannot be converted into hangar space as on the Redemption, however if not expecting combat, the Cherubim can be swapped for another three Angels to increase its multi-role capability, or alternatively a single Angel can be taken, along with two squadrons of Cherubim.