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Played by Shard in CYOE3


Two hundred thousand years ago, the Nazarrans reigned.

Their technology and legacy has largely been lost and forgotten. For millenia, they ruled much of the galaxy, unchallenged.

But nothing lasts forever, and such was certainly the case with the Nazarran Empire. A genetic disease ravaged the species, rendering each new generation weaker and more helpless than the last. The Empire tore itself apart in panic, and much of it was lost forever. The last few outposts clung to life for a short time, and then faded into nothing a hundred thousand years before the first great nodestorm.

Or so it seemed.

Some remnants of old Nazarra clung on. One of these was the Eternity.

Eternity was a sleeper ship; ten thousand Nazarrans held in deep stasis, and then sealed below the surface of a moon while a solution to their genetic degradation was searched for.

It never woke up.

The Coming of Humanity

That is, until the arrival of the Persephone expedition.

The Persephone was one of the better equipped groups sent out from Earth, and the arrival among the relatively intact ruins of the Nazarran outpost that concealed the Eternity was like a dream come true. Setting out to learn about the first alien culture ever encountered, even the abrupt closure of the nodes did not dampen spirits.

Eventually, their digging hit the Eternity, and nothing was the same again.

Even crippled by a hundred millennia of being powered down, the security systems of the ship overwhelmed the entire expedition with ease. The Guardian of the ship then came up with a potential, if temporary, solution to the genetic decay. A form of possession. Several of the expedition were captured, and underwent a procedure that turned them into remote control puppets for the sleeping Nazarrans...

With Nazarran technology and influence, the expedition rapidly fell into line, rebuilding the outpost. As time went on, the Nazarrans rose from merely mysterious overlords, to fully fledged gods. As they became absorbed into the rebuilt Nazarran outpost, the humans started to call themselves... the Chosen.