Deathspire Incarnate

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Deathspire SHCL Deathspire Incarnate.jpg
Deathspire Incarnate class Ultraheavy Capital
Used by Children of the Light in CYOE1

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Flame Ascendent
Destroying Angel
Blockade Runner
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Dedicated Carrier
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Sensor Disruption Picket
Deathspire Incarnate
Deathspire Inevitable
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Mobile Production Base
Mobile Research Ship
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Civilisation Ship

A truly titanic ship, so large that most would consider it an impossible endeavour, 'Deathspire Incarnate' is loosely based on a greatly scaled up Destroying Angel. Each weapon emplacement contains not one weapon, but an entire battery of them. Additionally, its shields are extremely powerful, and each weapon has a battery of backups, power conduits and cooling circuits to ensure horrific rate of fire and making it intensely difficult to disable. Seeing this monster on the battlefield spells doom for the opposition. 15 km long, 12,000 crew.

Deathspire Incarnate was lost in its first engagement, in the apocalyptic First Battle of Omega Ceti. Defences failed after inflicting heavy punishment on Neo-terran Republic capital ships, and the overwhelming power of its reactor going critical nearly finished both sides. The design was scrapped as an inefficient waste of resources, and there are no plans to build another of the class.

Tactical Role: Weapon of Mass Destruction