Deathspire Inevitable

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Deathspire SHCL Deathspire Inevitable.jpg
Deathspire Inevitable class Ultraheavy Capital
Used by Children of the Light in CYOE1

Ship Selector
Strike Craft
Capital Ships
Flame Ascendent
Destroying Angel
Blockade Runner
Troop Transport
Dedicated Carrier
Spinal Mount
Sensor Disruption Picket
Deathspire Incarnate
Deathspire Inevitable
Non-Combat Ships
Mobile Production Base
Mobile Research Ship
Survey Ship
Transport Ship
Colony Ship
Generation Ship
Civilisation Ship

In the aftermath of the assault on Omega Ceti and the loss of the first ultracapital, Deathspire Incarnate, an emphasis was placed upon faster, lighter capitals. With the war effort forcing the Children onto the defensive, however, blessing was given to the production of a new super-warship.

Although Deathspire Inevitable is even longer than its predecessor at 20km long, it is far less bulky. Relatively small profile allows for the traditionally excellent fire arcs of the Children, and half of the length is devoted to a single Type-P Deathsun Cannon. The most powerful single weapon ever built by human hands, it can vaporise normal capitals with ease. The energy cost, however, means that the Inevitable has less conventional firepower than the Incarnate.

Tactical Role: Anti-capital superweapon