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NTR CL3 Deimos.jpg
Deimos class CL3
Used by Neo-Terran Republic in CYOE1

Ship Selector
Strike Craft
Capital Ships
Blockade Runner
Troop Transport
Dedicated Carrier
Spinal Mount
Sensor Disruption Picket
Ultraheavy Capital
Non-Combat Ships
Mobile Production Base
Mobile Research Ship
Survey Ship
Transport Ship
Colony Ship
Generation Ship
Civilisation Ship

Armed to the teeth with weapons capable of decimating fighter wings and giving C4 rated ships a hard time, the Deimos is the mainstay of republic capital ship fleets. Developed to be the last word in crowd control, the Deimos sports twenty rapid fire light pulse cannons, eight flak cannons and six missile batteries, giving it wonderful all round protection against lighter ships and when it’s time to play with the big boys the Deimos can bring it’s eight medium pulse turrets, four plasma beams and spinal mounted mass accelerator into play. Watching a Deimos wade into an enemy fleet, spewing fire in all directions is a sight so breathtaking; it’s used on many Republic fleet recruitment vids. The mass accelerator on the Deimos is much improved compared to the Aeolus, capable of firing slugs at 0.04 of c and the advanced cooling systems doubling the rate of fire compared to the frigate, the only downside is the Deimos is less manoeuvrable and so this deadly weapon is much harder to bring to bare against anything smaller then itself.