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Played by Omega Chief in CYOE1


The Neo-Terran Republic is a currently stable state with a somewhat troubled beginning that they still haven’t quite escaped yet. A highly militaristic democracy, the Republic is ruled by a senate based in the well fortified if somewhat ominously named ‘First Fall’, each major settlement, both in space and planet bound, has a senator and most of them attend every meeting, the result is a somewhat slow form of government system, but one that the people are happy with as it gives each settlement an equal voice. One curiosity of the senate is the Republic Space Fleet has its own senator, granting it a form of semi-autonomy, something that scares some of the more peace minded people of the Republic but the general population see it as necessary after the horrors of the Federated Wars.

Currently 20% of the current population is either serving in the military or training to serve in the military, who are still seen as heroes of the people and even most large scale corporations have some stake in the military, from missile parts to fighter design.


The Republic is not the first space faring state to exist in the Omega Ceti system. While much of the earliest post Scattering records are of course lost, Republic historians have placed together the evidence that seems to point towards one of the massive colony ships of legend arrived and settled the frigid world that would be named Neo-Terra.

After a period of expanding their colonies several rival nations rose to power, their bickering and minor wars causing some concern, to the point where after on particularly brutal battle all the major city-states agreed to form a regulatory body to interceded between them peacefully, this was known as the Cetian Federation.

All went well for centuries, space flight was once again made viable and the space forces founded, it looked like it would be a golden age that would last forever, it didn’t. The Federations leadership became corrupt and decedent, starting to raise incredibly high taxes and bully the city states it was meant to serve, when brought up the Federation would quash these claims with propaganda and the threat of orbital bombardment.

In PS 827 it all finally came to ahead when the Federation followed through with it’s threat and wiped out the minor city state of Aric’s Grace with an orbital bombardment. The other city states raged, but there was nothing they could do. One the other hand, one third of the military could do something, and do something they did, openly rebelling against the corrupt regime and demanding they stand down.

The war which followed raged on until PS 860 when the last elements of the loyalist Federal forces were crushed in a battle at the systems edge, and in the place of the Federation the Republic was founded and it is still living on the goodwill won during those battles one hundred years later. Not that this stops the horror stories of Federal Loyalists who somehow survived all this time at the edge of space, preying on unsuspecting ships who go too far out, luckly there's little truth to this outside of child scaring night-time stories.

Omega Ceti System

The home system of the Neo-Terran Republic, Omega Ceti has a slightly colder then average white sun and three planets:

Laaren (Class U): A pressure cooker world with a highly toxic atmosphere and orbiting far too close to the Omega Ceti star. Laaren has never been seriously considered for colonisation or even resource gathering, though the half derelict experimental aerostat bases still remain floating somewhere in the toxic soup that makes up it’s atmosphere, making it a haven for smugglers, pirates and otherwise legitimate corporations making shady deals, the Republic Space Fleet is considering deploying the 16th Falcons, 21st Orcas and 11th Angel squadrons to hunt down and destroy the colonies, however fears over the Perseus interceptor no being able to handle the atmospheric conditions have hampered this plan.

Neo-Terra (Class 3): Sitting just at the outer edge of Omega Ceti’s habitable zone, Neo-Terra is a cold world, where only the equator sees no snowfall. This has lead to a hardy people used to harsh weather and a planet where the northern and southern hemispheres are remarkably untouched while there are cities at every available point along the equator. Most cities are large self contained structures which house many smaller buildings and shield them from the worst of the weather, while many older style cities use domes many of the newer and renovated ounces have taken a much more armoured approach, with geothermal and fusion power being favoured methods of power generation. Space around the planet is rather cluttered, with older debris, ships and stations vying for space in orbit along side the planets two moons; Luna and Selene, both of which have listening posts, training grounds, fighter squads and even some civillian mining operations.

Boundary (Class U): The enormous blue gas giant at the systems edge, Boundary has a very impressive ring system and a large collection of moons which unfortunately contain nothing interesting, leading to a rather depressed mining industry. To the military Boundary is both a fleet staging ground and the site of many of the key battles in the Federated Wars, with hulks of old warships still found drifting in orbit, all stripped of ordinance and anything useful by now, Strike Craft pilots love to use the debris to show off or in target practice, something the Fleet allows, on the condition they only abuse the old Federal Loyalist ships, not any Republican warships which deserve their dignity

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