Zeus (Neo-Terran Bomber)

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NTR Bomber Zeus.jpg
Zeus class Bomber
Used by Neo-Terran Republic in CYOE1

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Feared even by battleship captains, the Zeus swiftly silenced strike craft critics who argued the lighter one man ships were useless, especially against full blown warships. Sporting armour almost thick enough to qualify as C1-grade and with surprisingly powerful engines for a strike craft, the Zeus has one purpose on the battlefield; to survive long enough to deploy its ordinance and return to its base-ship for re-supply to do so again. Said ordinance consists of either sixteen anti-corvette missiles, eight anti-cruiser torpedoes or even four of the dreaded battleship slaying fusion warheads, all this backed up by four linked medium pulse cannons. The Zeus’s large mass coupled with the powerful engines mean that at high speeds it’s hard to manoeuvre, meaning Zeus pilots typically slow to half sped to pull of any manoeuvres, before gunning their engines to maximum and accelerating like missiles themselves, giving their ordinance as great a speed advantage as it can get to slip through enemy AAA defences before desperately peeling off to move to their next target.