Striker (Domain CL1)

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Striker class CL1
Used by Domain of the Steel God in CYOE1

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The three basic capital ships of the Domain are the Striker, Splinter and Bane. They are all attempts by the Children of the Steel God to produce more of their kin, and though failures in that respect they are capable warships in their own right. The primary armament is the neutron cannon, capable of firing neutron slugs dense enough to punch through even the toughest armour, and for tougher engagements they can utilise a spinally mounted particle accelerator to fire the slugs at incredible speeds. Though the ships are of fairly light construction, they utilise reactive shielding that can detonate or deflect incoming ordnance, making them as difficult to kill as ships with much heavier armour. The reactive shields also serve as point defence, able to deflect strike craft in the same manner, often inflicting terrible damage on them while doing so. The ships are unmanned, controlled completely by the computers slaved to the will of the Steel God. Anyone making the mistake of boarding one of these ships, however, will find themselves fighting in an vacuum against automated defence turrets, computer controlled combat machines and internal force fields and bulkheads that serve to spread out and entrap boarders. Gravity shifts as the ship manoeuvres, further disorienting boarding parties and making them as difficult to capture as any manned vessel.