Domain of the Steel God

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The Steel God was built in an age long forgotten. A relic dating back to the days of the Storm of Wrath, it slumbers now, and its dreams of ages long past drive the thoughts of its children. The Steel God seeks to restore an empire that once spanned the stars, and it cares nothing for the strange people who now inhabit its worlds. Should they submit to its will, the Steel God will allow them to live in its shadow, but should they choose to fight, they will be destroyed.

In the aftermath of the sundering, the people turned their backs on the elder gods, considering themselves forsaken and abandoned. They turned their minds to their ancient machine craft, and forged the great craft that would convey them through the stars. The greatest of these, the Beasts of Steel, were crafted as a twisted mockery of the elder gods - divine power contained within a mortal frame. The beasts waged a great and terrible war throughout the stars, and the people soon realised that they had unleashed a power they could not command. As the beasts closed in on the last remnants of the people, they turned once more to the elder gods for deliverance. Though they had watched the fall of the people with much sadness, the elder gods could not watch them destroy themselves. Reaching into the heart of the greatest of the steel beasts, they awoke within it the one thing that the people could never create - the spark of divine intelligence. Awakening into a galaxy on the verge of destruction, the Steel God began to hunt down the beasts of steel, destroying them wherever it found them. The war between the Steel God and the beasts nearly tore apart the very fabric of reality, as deific power clashed with deific might. In the end, however, the Steel God was triumphant in every battle, and the remaining beasts fled to the dark corners of the galaxy, where they cower to this day, afraid of the wrath of the hunter-god. Observing the aftermath of its great crusade, the Steel God was sad to see that the people had diminished, and were scattered across the stars. Knowing that in time the people would recover, the Steel God lay down to slumber, and awoke again only when the beasts of steel turned their greedy eyes once more to the worlds of the people.

As the ages passed, the Steel God fought the beasts whenever they returned, but each time it returned to its slumber, its desire for battle dimmed. The Steel God was old, and sought to be free from the fires of war that had marked its entire existence. It could not, however, abandon its charge to destroy the beasts of steel and so it crafted the guardians - vessels made in its own image that would stand watch over the people while it slumbered. In turn these guardians made lesser vessels, and over the centuries they crafted a grand army that would seek out the beasts of steel in their hiding places, and allow the Steel God to slumber undisturbed until the end of time. It has been many an age now since the beasts of steel last turned their greedy eyes upon the galaxy, but the Steel God still slumbers, and its children still lie at its side, watching and waiting for the call of battle.


In an age long past, the people saw the Steel God more frequently, and they sought to understand its motivations and its movements as it battled the beasts of steel. Their maps revealed a system at the centre of the Steel God’s domain, which they named Slumberhold as it seemed to be where the Steel God returned to sleep away the centuries.

Exploration of Slumberhold revealed it to be a binary system - a dense neutron star and an OB super giant orbiting each other with nothing else for many light years. The interaction of the two stars resulted in the neutron star emitting a regular pulse of x-ray radiation, sweeping through the system and outwards, visible in the night sky on thousands of remote worlds.

It was in Slumberhold that they first got a close look at the sleeping god, lying silent in the dark void. Research bases were established to monitor it, and in see what they could learn from the ancient behemoth. They soon discovered that the Steel God returned to Slumberhold to absorb the x-rays from the pulsar, recharging its ancient power cells and gathering munitions in preparation for its next battle with the steel beasts.

The arrogance of the people, however, was their undoing. They established factories and battle stations in Slumberhold, and claimed the Steel God as their own. They dared to set foot upon the surface of the slumbering god, and its wrath was unleashed upon them. All trace of the people who had dared violate the Slumberhold was erased from the galaxy, and the Steel God returned to its sleep. In the ages that followed, the Steel God used the abandoned factories in Slumberhold to produce the first of its children.

Lacking in natural resources, the production facilities of Slumberhold are fed by the spoils of war - over the centuries they have fought the beasts of steel, the children of the sleeping god have gathered vast amounts of resources, all of which is stored as a large debris field near the production facilities themselves. Whenever something must be built, small scavenger craft sweep the field for the necessary elements and return them to the yards for recycling.

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