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Domain CL5.jpg
Warbeast class CL5
Used by Domain of the Steel God in CYOE1

Ship Selector
Strike Craft
Domain Interceptor
Domain Bomber
Capital Ships
Hunting Wolf
Blockade Runner
Troop Transport
Dedicated Carrier
Spinal Mount
Sensor Disruption Picket
Ultraheavy Capital
Non-Combat Ships
Mobile Production Base
Mobile Research Ship
Survey Ship
Transport Ship
Colony Ship
Generation Ship
Civilisation Ship

A remnant of an earlier age, the Steel God is perhaps one of the most advanced warships in the galaxy. Able to operate at full capabilities for a full month on its internal power supplies, it rarely needs this option as it can absorb a wide range of interstellar radiation emissions and convert them into useful energy. Its weapons are mostly based on neutron particle cannons, with varying calibres and rates of fire to deal with a wide range of threats. Numerous hardpoints allow dozens of fighter squadrons to be carried directly into battle and the vast hangar bays can support a much larger fleet of strike craft, providing repair and resupply in the heat of battle. Advanced shielding and hull construction allow the ship to soak up damage that would cripple a lesser vessel, shrugging off the blows even as it unleashes enough firepower of its own to destroy an entire fleet. To face the Steel God is to face destruction on an unparalleled scale, and yet it is but one ship. How many more of its kin remain hidden amongst the stars? And what stops the God building more?

Famous Ships
The Steel God, Revenant