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Sokal class Ultraheavy Capital
Used by Vaygr Clan: Techdari in CYOE3

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Sokal's flagship, and home to the majority of his clan. It is patterned after Makaan's vessel, although it has been changed. In exchange for Makaan's production capacity, Sokal fit weapons and armor onto his. 4 Super Heavy Kinetic turrets adorn the ship, giving it a nasty punch, but the real weaponry is the Perforation Missile controller hidden inside. At a whim, Sokal can call forth an unrelenting swarm of these fighter-sized missiles, and truly decimate anything within range. Given that this ship is very rarely alone, that makes it quite difficult to destroy. So long as the attackers are comfortable with the thought of genocide.

  • x4 Double Heavy Kinetic Turrets
  • x1 Heavy Point Defense System
  • x1 Perforation Missile Controller