Vaygr Assault Craft

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Vaygr Assault Craft class Interceptor
Used by Vaygr Clan: Techdari in CYOE3

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When Vaygr children come of age, they are expected to pass or have passed a test of some sort. These tests are usually violent in nature, reflecting the Vaygr's war-like culture. The reward for passing this test, should such a child display aptitude for piloting, is the venerable Assault Craft, one of the oldest Vaygr designs. It's fast, agile, incredibly hard to hit, and the Flechette Cannon it carries can make short work of any strike craft. It's also generally flown by the Vaygr equivalent of 18-19 year olds, all of whom are eager to rack up their kill count.

  • x1 Flechette Cannon
  • Wing of 7