Vaygr Cruiser

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Vaygr Cruiser class CL3
Used by Vaygr Clan: Techdari in CYOE3

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The Vaygr Cruiser was designed by Sokal from the ground up. While it doesn't carry so much experimental weaponry, it does carry a lot of conventional weaponry. A Douple Kinetic turret rests on the top, with a pair of lighter Kinetic turrets adorning the underside. The sides of the cruiser are dotted with missile tubes, giving this craft a deadly compliment of 12 Fusion Missile launchers. One final weapon is a Heavy Fusion Missile launcher, which is more or less just icing on the cake. The resulting ship is fast and deadly, which makes it popular for Sokal's crews.

  • x1 Double Kinetic Turret
  • x2 Kinetic Turrets
  • x12 Fusion Missile Launchers
  • x1 Heavy Fusion Missile Launcher