Vaygr Battleship

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Vaygr Battleship class CL5
Used by Vaygr Clan: Techdari in CYOE3

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Vaygr Battleship
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Sokal's pride and joy, the Vaygr Battleship. These were the designs he was coming to show Makaan when his entire clan was sucked into Node space and ended up in their new home. It is a titan of a ship, and is covered with more weaponry than most armadas have. 6 Laser Pulser Turrets, 3 of the powerful Double Heavy Kinetic turrets, four Heavy Kinetic Turrets, 8 Fusion -and- Heavy Fusion Missile Launchers, and the pride of the whole system; a pair of very experimental Heavy Beam turrets in the nose. Derived from stolen Progenitor particle weaponry, the Heavy Beam turret can punch through battle plate like it was rice-paper. The rest of the weapons only make it all the more deadly. The nose-art wasn't part of the design specs, but Sokal allowed it; it was fitting, given that the Battleship could eat any other capital ship arrayed against it.

  • x2 Heavy Beam Turrets
  • x6 Laser Pulser Turrets
  • x4 Heavy Kinetic Turrets
  • x3 Double Heavy Kinetic Turrets
  • x8 Fusion Missile Launchers
  • x8 Heavy Fusion Missile Launchers