Interstellar Kingdom of Talos

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General Brief

The Interstellar Kingdom of Talos is a constitutional monarchy based in the Talos system. Talos is ruled by a hereditary ruler, with a two-house parliament system serving as a legislature. The kingdom prides itself on possessing an excellent tech base, an educated and wealthy populace, and a strong military.

His Majesty’s Navy is formed nearly completely of capital ships, with long-range missiles being the primary armament. Due to this tight focus on a specific arm of service, the Navy has been able to develop highly effective electronic warfare, countermeasures, and targeting systems for its capital ships, giving credence to their claim of having the most advanced fleet in space.


During the Great Node Storm, one of the nearly completed colony ships was rushed to completion and sent off in search of new space to settle in. Many of the settlers had thrown in their lots completely with the ship, and so the ship was persistent in efforts to seek out the best possible system to make as a new home. As luck would have it, they stumbled across a system with not one but two habitable planets, and began a new life.

Originally the settlers began on the planet Talos, which had a more suitable climate, and founded a government consisting of the Crown, the House of Lords, and the House of Commons. The Crown was given to the organizer and primary funding source of the colony ship, Marcus Jacobs, whose assumption of the throne marked the foundation of the Jacobean Dynasty. The Lords was formed of those colonists who had given major funding to the project, given hereditary holdings in land on the surface of the planet or other assets. The Commons consisted of elected representatives of different precincts and cities.

The colony grew quickly, and soon spread to the second planet in the system, Pegasus, which was a heavy-gravity world. The Kingdom has continued to grow over the last several generations, and recently has shifted foreign policy to begin to actively explore the surrounding space.

The Talos System

The Talos system is a binary star system, with two stars in close proximity. Four planets circle these stars, two of which, Talos and Pegasus, are habitable.

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