Shattered Remnant

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Played by Kane in CYOE1
Production Focus No Colonisation Initiative


A collection of awakened AI's and neural-networked humans, the Shattered Remnant has turned all thoughts to battle. As a people, they seek to destroy those that destroyed them, and hope to unite those left against what they perceive as a great evil growing in the galactic east. Their new styles, their new philosophy, is influenced heavily by the Deathspire Imperium.


After the destruction of the Neuromancer, those few who had been sent to the Deathspire Imperium as a research envoy were all that remained. As a group, they chose not to fall into despair and instead pulled what they could together. A quick bolster to their population was impossible, biologically. But they could increase the number of minds connected to their new network. They did this by removing the limiting code on the pseudo-AI that they used extensively. Not even the Union knew what made an AI "wake up." The Remnant is no different. But to them, each Awakened AI is a new citizen. Perhaps one with a bit more purpose than an average human, but a citizen none-the-less.

With some aid from the Imperium itself, they began to rebuild once again. This time, however, the grace of their predecessors was lost. No longer were they fighting to protect their way of life. No more were they defending a great democracy, a society that had evolved from years of peace and prosperity. Now they were fighting for vengeance, to destroy those that had destroyed them. And their new designs reflected this new philosophy.


Deathspire (See Children of the Light entry)

Harbinger Station – It was supposed to be called something different, but the Neuromancer was destroyed before the first production station had been activated. Now it is the home of the Remnant, and is growing. A work in progress, Harbinger Station is mostly a shell for now, but more and more stations are being fitted into the overall hull. When it is finished, no doubt it will be truely gargantuan.

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