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Played by Kane in CYOE1
Production Focus No Colonisation Initiative

ELIMINATED See the Shattered Remnant for current information


The Union means several things at the same time. It is a union of peoples and genders, coming together. It is a union of minds, to further the betterment of themselves. But, most importantly, it is a union of man and machine. The population of the Union is deceptively small, especially compared to the rest of the empires. This is because the only inhabitants are overseers, politicians, artists, and scientists. Everything else has been taken care of by advanced robotics.


The Union has a better grasp of its history than most, primarily due to it's original nature. The first “ship,” A science station known as the Bethke, was sucked into one of the nodes and ended up in its present state. Survival at that time was unsure, and very tenuous. With a vast central encyclopedia and some of the brightest minds of the time, however, the station managed to halt its own decline. And, in latter years, even prosper.

The first joining of mind and machine became known as year zero of the new age, or NA 0. There was some debate that the Node storm should be considered the first year of the new age, but this was eventually turned down in favor of the neural interface. From that point forward, the Union began to appear in its present form. Manual labor was taken over by machinery, leaving the remaining humans time to explore, discover, and advance.

However, once they discovered a new Node forming, they began to worry. What had happened to the rest of humanity? Other ships and stations had been sucked into those mysterious anomalies, and if they survived then no doubt they had their own governments. Some might be hostile, and the chance of alien species had not yet been ruled out. It was time once more to turn their minds to the machines of war.

Quite literally, this time. Through endless exercise and simulation, the weapons of war became more and more advanced. Robotic troops, operable in both the hard vacuum of space and many widely agreed upon atmospheres, served for guardians of the frail humans that were their masters. Strike craft, commanded by near AIs, could pull turns, flips, and other stunts that would have turned any biological pilot into jelly. It was decided to use these strike craft in favor of the larger ships, since more could be built for the same price. And, with their advances in laser weaponry, these ships could carry just as powerful payloads. Properly configured, of course.


The Union named the new star they orbited the Mona Lisa, and while the science section of their new home remains its old designation Bethke, the station that has sprung up around it has been dubbed the Neuromancer; one of the original scientists had been a follower of an old cult called Cyberpunk, and few found reason to turn down the suggestions. Something of a black humor, perhaps, but fitting none-the-less.

Mona Lisa (Class A Blue-White star) – The focal point of the Mona Lisa system is the Mona Lisa herself. A bright and hot star, many Unioners have taken to watching the solar flares and other “atmospheric conditions” of the sun through special lenses. Much of the artistry of the Union can be contributed to the flowing formations of the Mona Lisa.

Count Zero (Class U) – A fractured planet of some great ancient cataclysm, this drifting debris field serves as something of a shield for the Neuromancer. Also as an easy access point for raw materials for the refineries of Neuromancer.

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