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Empire Information
Played by Gunblader in CYOE1
Production Focus No Colonisation Initiative


Little is known about the people who would later become The Hive prior to the great Node Storm. All that is known is that approximately 1000 years after settling their homeworld, a Global cataclysm occurred via Magnetic pole shift and core directional reversal, coupled with a bloody civil war that had broken out between the ruling goverment and a doomsday cultist group, resulted in a hotly contested higher gravity world. With their natural bodies barely surviving in the newly disturbed world, the governments science community found that by implementing cybernetic reinforcements in their skeletal and muscular systems, they might be able to move around again normal and therefore out last the cultists.

When the government at time heard of this, they immediately began pouring resources and time into researching a way to implement this into the military, to gain an advantage. The first test subject who received this operation not only functioned normally, but was much stronger and had longer endurance. Naturally the military ordered this for all their troops and not before long all of the Armed forces were Cybernetic.

The following battles in the war were of wanton destruction as the military destroyed the Cult. As the war raged on, soldiers were questioning their humanity and rebelled. Not wanting a three sided war, the military turned again to the science community to find a non-fatal solution to the soldier rebellion. And the answer was simple: make the soliders forget their humanity.

To accomplish this, researchers developed a cortical inhibitor which suppressed all independant thought of the brain. The first test subjects were less than willy to take part and the inhibitors were installed forcibly. Nevertheless, the device did its job and the subjects were nothing more than sacs of flesh and metal.

The military angered by this, demanded that the researchers improve the device so the Solider could receiver orders. So a neural uplink was added to the inhibitor and a signal was sent from a supercomputer that allowed the military to control these "Drones", as they were designated later.

The result was an extremely efficient soldier who soley existed to serve the military with no thoughts of their own. With these Drones in hand, the government defeated the Cultists and forced its citizens and soliders alike to become Drones. Thinking they had won, the military began to become more fascist until a coup was staged and the government was overthrown, replaced by a military dictatorship. They began ruling with an iron fist, using the Drones to keep the population in line. What they failed to realize was the Supercomputer the drones were hooked to began to learn from the battles, gaining experience as it streamed towards sentience. And that day finally came.

Realizing that the very thing they had created had become a living entity, they attempted to shut it down. But it was too late. In a cruel twist of fate, the computer ordered that the military be added to the Drone population and the entire complex became Drones.

One of the things that happened in the computer gaining sentience was the return of conscious thought to the drones. Through the computers manipulations, the drones regained higher brain functions, but not individualism. They began calling themselves the Hive and their purpose was to become as efficient as possible.

Using the technology that made them, they began a campaign to assimilate every living thing on the planet, adding the consciousnesses and memories of the consumed to their own. After barely 3 years, the whole planet was assimilated.

After this had transpired, the Hive began its quest for maximum efficiency. Partly due to the amount of information they had assimilated and the fact that the supercomputer was the "brain" of the hive, they progressed very quickly. What should have took them centuries to research, highly advanced technology was developed in decades. Surgery was no longer required for assimilation, but Bio-Mechanical Nano Probes was the maximum efficient way to assimilate. Upon entering into the bloodstream, they began to communicate with the central brain and received build orders. Neural uplinks and Cortical nodes were the first thing to be built in the host body, connecting them to the Brain. At first the host would hear whispers and then the whisper became a roar, overpowering the host's mind and making them a drone. The new Drone would them be outfitted with more cybernetic upgrades, armor, and weaponry.

This quest for efficiency came at a price: because of the high population of drones and the fast paced manufacturing, the planet was starting to degrade from lack of natural resources. So the Brain built a new body and designated itself, the Queen. And while drones couldn't show emotion or generate self thought, the Queen could. She ordered for the space program to increase its exploration of the system.

In 20 years, the Hive had expanded into space and stripped bare mostly every planet in the system for resources. Now the dominant power in the sector, the began to assimilate the native species they deemed remarkable in their system and added their distinctiveness unto their own.

Recently, they discovered a Jump node and decided that exploration is needed in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

Hive Society

The Hive Collective is made up of at least trillions of humanoids referred to as drones. Through the use of their cybernetic implants, the Hive interacted by sharing one another's thoughts in a hive mind. Upon assimilation, these trillions of "voices" would overwhelm the drone, stifling individual thought and resistance to the Collective's will. To some drones these voices could eventually become a source of comfort, and their absence a source of pain

Hive philosophy was governed by a primary directive to add the biological and technological distinctiveness of other species to that of the Hive. In this manner the Collective sought to achieve a state of Maximum Effeciency; all other pursuits were deemed irrelevant. Accordingly, drones do not engage in any activities except their duties and regeneration.

Having no regard for individuality, drones are identified with designations rather than names. A drone's designation typically described its position within a group, e.g. "Third of Five." To more specifically identify a drone, its function could be appended to this designation.

If a drone is sufficiently injured or otherwise in distress, other drones will offer assistance. However, if a drone was deemed irreparable by the hive-mind, the Hive will deactivate it and redistribute any salvageable components throughout the Collective.

The Hive typically operate in an atmosphere with a constant temperature of 39.1 °C (102.38 °F), 92% relative humidity, an atmospheric pressure of approximately 102 kPa, and trace amounts of tetryon particles. ( These conditions were presumably conducive to the operation of their cybernetics.

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